Baltics Media is exklusive Partner for Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The beginning of the existence of this brand is tied to the year 1991, when the production company FORTUNA was founded. Fortuna has been committed to the production of sports apparel for team sports from the beginning and is based in Presov, Slovakia. 

In 1993, Fortuna changed its name to ATAK ™ and continues to sell its products under this brand. In its now 23-year existence, he experienced an intense development in quality and product range.

ATAK ™ offers high quality of its products at prices that match the purchasing power of our market. From the beginning, thanks to our quality, flexibility and an acceptable price level, we equip many teams in the sports, football, handball, volleyball, basketball, hockey and other sports, throughout Europe.

Noteworthy are the league teams of the Slovak Football League, almost all teams of the Slovak Ice Hockey Extra League, including the national teams of Slovakia. In addition we can the Slovak handball association, top teams of the handball extra league HIL as well as WHIL and many other federations abroad. We are also present in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia and South Africa.

ATAK ™ offers not only standard products but also high quality premium products, such as. e.g. Hockey jerseys in NHL quality, on. Of course, we can also offer customer inquiries for textiles for advertising and sporting events with their own production.


Premium Hockey Jerseys 

ATAK is the leader in history of Hockey jerseys, who is in the sports market for 22 years. In its 22 years of existence has dressed in their Ice-Hockey jerseys countless icehockey clubs in Slovakia, but also abroad. Todays production of ATAK is aimed are rising the quality level resulting in the production of Jerseys for Slovan Bratislava Team, partipicant is one of the toughest world competition, KHL. ATAK in its offer mainley focuses on demanding costumers, but in its bid its also offers price affordable products. Our philosophie is not offer cheap price of products that do not provide adequate level of quality.